Messages in the Media: Exploring Faith in the Popular Media

An exploration of the wide-ranging moral/ethical/theological issues and themes present in contemporary cinema, TV and internet offerings and their value for faith communities. From TV’s The Simpsons and Heroes to World Cinema’s Tsotsi and even Hollywood’s own Bourne Ultimatum, our contemporary popular media is fertile ground for exploration of who we are, what we believe and hold dear, how we understand good and evil and ultimately, what gives our lives meaning and value. First developed for the Northern New England School of Religious Education, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

God Meets Press Release: Communicating Faith in a Multimedia World

Explores the communication challenges of interpreting faith both within church communities and beyond. This course explores the application of both traditional and new media tools in religious communication, examining everything from the effectiveness of the church bulletin boards and local press releases to the possibilities for a truly global church community enabled and connected as never before by the Internet. First developed for the Cambridge Theological Federation, Cambridge.

Guest lecturer

In the area of media, theology, and popular culture for Liverpool John Moores University, Columbia, Northeastern and Drew universities, and a variety of church-related resource events.

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